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This is a page dedication to providing information for Carers and Memory Loss / Dementia.

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Carers Directory
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The Carers Directory has various resources including:
o    General advice and support services
o    Peer support groups
o    Information about accessing time out/respite

The Dementia directory has various resources including:
o    Getting out and about in the Community (eg Memory Cafes, singing groups, exercise)
o    Activities to take part in at home
o    Dementia Friendly Care Agencies
o    Information about accessing time out/respite
o    Day care options
o    Research opportunities
o    General advice eg benefits and equipment via Adult Social Care (Notts County Council 0300 500 8080)

Nottinghamshire Carers Hub

Provides free, confidential and personalised information and support for unpaid carers.

Contact:  080 8802 1777

Carers Champions

Every GP Surgery should have a Carers Register and a Carers Champion.

A Carers Register is a list of Patients who are providing unpaid care to someone with a long – term health condition.

You can speak to the Receptionist or Practice Manager to request a registration form.

A Carers Champion is a voluntary role, their role is to help:

  • Promote the importance of GP Carer registration for Young and Adult Carers

  • Listen to Carers needs and signpost them to local organisations for support with Memory Loss / Dementia

Dementia Support Service

Free support over the phone or at home

Contact: 0333 150 3456

Become a Dementia Friend

By accessing a free Information Session online or face to face.

Hidden Disabilities

Look out for the Sunflower lanyard- an indication that someone has a hidden disability. Perhaps offer support or more time and be extra kind!

Forget Me Notts

Free Sporting Activities and Social Interaction sessions for those living with dementia and their carers.

Contact: 0115 982 3000 

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