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Lets Live Green in Rushcliffe

Across Rushcliffe we recognise the drastic crisis which is Climate Change and understand the importance to stop it.

Rushcliffe Green Calendar
Big Energy Saving Week Rushcliffe
Fairtrade Fortnight Rushcliffe
Food Waste Action Week Rushcliffe
Community garden week Rushcliffe
World bee day Rushcliffe
National vegetarian week Rushcliffe
Gret big green week Rushcliffe
Clean air day Rushcliffe
Love parks week Rushcliffe
National allotment week Rushcliffe
Second hand september Rushcliffe
Walk to school month Rushcliffe
World vegan day Rushcliffe
Sustainable christmas Rushcliffe
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The NHS is responsible for 4-5% of the UK's carbon footprint. Across the Rushcliffe PCN all of our GP practices have signed up to the 'Green Impact for Health' scheme and are working hard to do their part in reducing our carbon footprint.

Green impact for health Rushcliffe
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Dry powder greener inhaler Rushcliffe

Aerosol based inhalers can produce over 25kg of CO2 each year, and over 80% of people use these types of devices.

However, dry powder inhalers provide the exact same medicine but produce a fraction of the CO2.

You can switch easily by speaking to your GP. Click here to learn how.

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We have put together a hub of posters and social media posts which you can download and share yourself to help promote green messages.

Click here to visit the hub.

Green Rushcliffe
Green Rushcliffe
Green Rushcliffe
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