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Patient Participation Groups (PPG's)

What is a PPG?

PPGs are an active group of patients who meet regularly with a range of staff from the practice and provide a link between staff and patients.

We also take soundings from a wider ‘virtual’ group of practice patients who can contribute their views and opinions on important topics by email and social media, or through questionnaires and in writing.

PPG's aim to:

  • Provide a forum for patients where they will have the opportunity to collaborate with and support the practice, and provide a patient’s perspective to the practice, both in meetings and via electronic communication (‘virtual PPG group’).

  • Enable patients to influence local health care services.

  • Communicate with all patients coming to the practice via the TV screen and noticeboard which display our latest ideas for you to read and comment on. Also look out for news items in the practice newsletter, both in print and on the website, and Facebook, text messages and emails for important updates.

  • Support the practice with patient education and gathering feedback e.g. through the ‘Friends and Family Test’ survey each month.

  • Engage patients and help develop an understanding of the impact of important changes to healthcare being introduced across the whole Rushcliffe area, including a bigger role for online methods of communication.

  • Represent the view of the Practice's patients at local patient forums on which we are active participants.

To find out more or join your own PPG, locate your practice from the list below and follow its sign up instructions.

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