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Team Hugging

People To Talk To

There are numerous people you can talk to about your wellbeing. See below for more information.

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You may have concerns about speaking to your line manager. You may think they are too busy or do not want to hear about how you feel. That is not the case. If your mental health is poor, it will be impacting your work. Your line manager will be able to look at adjustments and support to help you until you are yourself again


Rushcliffe Primary Care Network has a small HR team. If you are struggling with your wellbeing and do not feel you can raise this in your work place please contact the HR team at PartnersHealth and we can arrange support.


You may think your colleagues are not interested but you are most likely wrong. Ask yourself what you would do if you knew one of your colleagues is suffering with poor mental health, the answer would be how can I help.  Arrange a coffee together or suggest a lunchtime stroll and have a chat


Your GP will be able to link you with multiple resources to help you manage your wellbeing


A partner in your practice will be interested in your wellbeing as your employer. They will be able to suggest local resources to help you


Your Practice manager is also responsible for making sure you are healthy in the workplace. They may not be aware you are finding things difficult. If they know what is going on they will be able to make a support plan to help you.

People To Talk To

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