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Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator

Digital Inclusion Co-ordinators are a new role in Nottinghamshire - they support members of the community to feel more digitally confident, especially when it comes to accessing the healthcare system.

Digital inclusion coordiantor

The term 'digital inclusion' simply means trying to get more people to interact and feel confident using computers, smartphones and online services.

A Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator in Rushcliffe helps patients access their healthcare services through the NHS App.


This could mean:

  • Helping them download it

  • Teaching them what the app can do

  • Showing them how they can use it to make accessing healthcare easier

In a world where everything is becoming more digital everyday, it is important to help get everyone in our communities feeling confident in using online services.

To request a session with a Digital Inclusion co-ordinator in Rushcliffe, ask your receptionist, or complete the form here.

Click here to find out more about Digital Inclusion.

This post is funded by DigitalNotts.

Digital inclusion co-ordinator Rushcliffe
Digital inclusion co-ordinator Rushcliffe
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