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Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists are one of the new Additional Roles the NHS is implementing - across Rushcliffe they use their expert knowledge of medication to help patients and services.

Our PCN pharmacists are highly skilled healthcare professionals who have trained for many years to become medicines specialists. They have expert knowledge of medicines and use this to work closely with multidisciplinary teams across all the surgeries in Rushcliffe providing clinical expertise.

Their role includes:

  • Medicine management in practice

  • Management of long-term conditions through regular clinics

  • Provide structures medication reviews (SMRs) to patients with long term conditions taking 10 or more medicines

    • SMRs ​aim to support patients to get the best from their medicines, reduce waste and promote self care.

  • Advice for safer prescribing

  • Answer patient queries regarding their medication

  • Support for the wider clinical team with medication queries

  • Work closely with our PCN pharmacy technician colleagues

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