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I need help supporting someone else

Looking for wellbeing support taking care of someone else?

Looking after someone else isn't easy

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People to talk to

Initial Actions

If someone has disclosed, they are struggling then it may have been difficult for them to do so.

·         Let them share as much or as little as they want to...

·         Don't try to diagnose or second guess their feelings...

·         Keep questions open ended...

·         Talk about self-care...

·         Listen carefully to what they tell you...

Signpost them to resources that may help such as this hub, the EAP program or wellbeing apps such as Headspace or their GP but do not force people to access these resources.


Check they have some support?


Agree a time to catch up and check on them and how best to do that.

If you feel the is in danger or requires urgent help, then you should ring 999

Ongoing Support

If someone continues to work whilst suffering poor wellbeing it is a good idea to agree a support plan.

Once a plan is established it is important you continue to review the situation and adapt the plan as required. During this planning identify signs to look for if that person is starting to struggle. Also agree the best ways to contact and communication with the person involved.

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