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Care Homes Teams

The Care Home Teams work alongside GP surgeries to provide all care home residents across Rushcliffe with an Individualised Personal Health and Support Plan.

The  PCN care homes team works alongside the GP practice’s of Rushcliffe to support the local delivery of the NHS England Enhanced Health in Care Home’s Framework in care homes aligned to a Rushcliffe GP.

The team is multi-disciplinary and is composed of Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedic’s, Occupational Therapists and Care Coordinators who work together and alongside the wider health and social care community within Rushcliffe to ensure that care home residents are able to access services appropriate to their needs.

All new residents to a care home within Rushcliffe are offered the opportunity to meet with one of the clinicians to discuss their physical and mental healthcare needs during a pro-active Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment that includes a detailed review of all medications.


They can also support with Advanced Care Planning and the completion of ResPECT forms. For all care home residents they offer support with the development of an individual health and wellbeing focused Personalised Care and Support Plan.

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